I miss you !
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without you now I see
how fragile the world can be
and I know you´ve gone away
but in my heart you´ll always stay
2.3.06 19:48

seems just like yesterday you were a part of me
i used to stand so tall - i used to be so strong
your arms around me tight
everything it felt so right
unbreakable like nothing could go wrong
now i can´t breathe - no i can´t sleep
i´m barely hanging on
here i am once again
i´m torn into pieces
can´t deny it - can´t pretend
just thought you were the one
broken up deep inside
but you won´t get to see the tears i cry
5.3.06 20:18

geniesst du den augenblick?
ja - immer wenn du da bist...
6.3.06 20:01

mit einem "ich mag dich" fing es an.
mit einem "ich liebe dich" hat es geendet.
es tut so weh. spürst du den schmerz nicht?
8.3.06 19:10

there are moments
when anything´s possible...
10.3.06 20:22

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