I miss you !
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my heart belongs to you

you?re the one who is missed so terribly
that everything falls apart in your absence
you?re the one who I love long before you have even arrived
you?re the one I am coming to look for
when you can?t find your way home
and the best is you are the one
who makes me feel good in my life
2.11.05 18:14

tell me why i love you like i do
tell me who can stop my heart as much as you
tell me all your secrets and i'll tell you most of mine
they say nobody's perfect
well that's really true this time

i don't have the answers
i don't have a plan
all i have is you
so darling help me understand

(what we do) - you can whisper in my ear
(where we go) - who knows what happens after here
let's take each other's hand as we jump into the final frontier
i'm mad about you baby
yeahhh i'm mad about you...
3.11.05 22:43

if the only possible way
we can be together is in my dreams...
then i?ll sleep forever!!!
4.11.05 21:50

i?m going to wait for you...
6.11.05 17:47

love is in the air...

greetz aus la paz - bolivia
16.11.05 00:17

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